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Small, Safe And Economic

The unidirectional 100 N strong thrust AZT jet fans build on the acclaimed ZerAx® axial flow fans and meet the market requirements for simpler, safer and more economic fans.

The design of the fans is compact and completed by the adjustable and conical outlet cone that directs the thrust. The installation is equally compact and characterised by a newly designed click-click installation. Once the base plate is mounted, the fan is clicked in position and secured with fasteners. The simple installation makes service of the fans correspondingly easy.

The AZT jet fans meet market expectations for car park fans and service with perfect simplicity, innovative design, high performance and minimum power consumption. The straightforward and price effective design reduces the initial investments, and offers significant operational advantages and savings. An added advantage of the compact design is the reduction in transportation cost and necessary space, as more units fit onto pallets and in containers.

Space And Noise Saver

A big part of the compact and light design is due to the omission of silencers. In normal operation, the noise profile is quite low because of the high efficiency of the ZerAx® fans. The fans allow for delivery of high thrusts at lower power consumption than competing fans.

The Highest Efficiencies

The ZerAx® fans in the AZT jet fans are NOVENCO Building & Industry’s innovative and patented axial flow fans, which provide fan energy efficiencies up to 92%, low sound levels in normal running mode and expected lifetimes of more than 20 years. The fans were introduced in 2009, has a large install base and widespread applications.

Design Philosophy

The AZT jet fans are designed with a small form factor in mind and for optimum capacity, long lifetimes and reliable operation as essential requirements.


Technical Specifications

  • AluZink casing
  • Aluminium fan parts
  • External terminal box
  • Powder coating in any colour optional
  • Motor protection min. IP55, IEC 34-5
  • Corrosion category C3
  • Standard temperatures -20 °C to 55 °C
  • Hot smoke classified classes F200 and F300 acc.
  • to EN 12101-3, tested at 300 °C/120 min.
Units AZT 450
Electrical connection V, Hz 3x400, 50 3x380, 60
Execution - Unidirectional
Thrust N 26 / 100
Sound pressure 1 dB(A) 55 / 74
Total weight kg 70
Motor data (standard temperature 2)
Rated power kW 0.6 / 2.5
Rated current A 1.7 / 5.3 1.6 / 5.5
Units A B C D E
AZT 450 mm 1133 600 530 540 260

Sound pressure level data is for 3x400 V, 50 Hz motors at 3 m from jet fan under free field conditions at an angle of 45°. Re. 2 x 10-5 Pa

Data for F200 and F300 is available on request.